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Happy anniversary to a defining moment in the history of the New York Jets football franchise!

The Jets capped off their season with a win in Miami, and then two firings in NJ.

"Jets fans, football fans, and sports fans want nothing to do with criminals who abuse animals," wrote Alan Kessler on his Facebook page, "Boycott the NY Jets & Michael Vick."

Rex Ryan loves Hooters and Mark Sanchez more than anything else.

So, how many turnovers will Geno Smith make?

Football season is almost here, and it seems the Jets have decided to start their annual tradition of completely melting down a bit early.

As Descartes once put it, "I am Mark Sanchez therefore I throw interceptions."

Maybe Sanchez is not too worried about his buttfumbling derriere overshadowing his sinking career, since he has no problem shaking his rump for two attractive young ladies.

Their best player is gone; their worst player is still here; and their former franchise quarterback may now be out the door.