Mark malkoff

Also: fills taxi with popcorn, plasters it with Tony Danza's face.
Watch a comedian enjoy a romantic date with his wife, get his iPhone fixed as Darth Vader, and bring a handsome-looking goat into the Apple store at 67th & Broadway.
Courtesy Mark Malkoff For his latest stunt, comedian Mark Malkoff—who previously
Comedian Mark Malkoff has pulled off his latest stunt: spending five days
Move over, David Blaine. This guy Mark Malkoff is attempting the
Mark Malkoff has already hit up 171 Starbucks in one day, lived
In June of 2007, Mark Malkoff made news with his attempt, documented
The guy who spent $369.14 in a quixotic attempt to patronize each
Incase anyone was wondering just how many Starbucks there actually are in
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