Mark madoff

Victims of his father's Ponzi scheme are fuming.
His brother killed himself four years ago.
One broker said, "My owners would never, ever rent to him. They will go through a lot of rejections."
Bernard Madoff knew how to keep it classy—and really liked his office blinds PERFECTLY lined up.
Bernard Madoff says, "The average person thinks I robbed widows and orphans. I made wealthy people wealthier."
Bernard Madoff is a king among inmates at federal prison.
Daughter-in-law Stephanie Madoff would be the first family member to speak out about the scandal.
The famously loyal Ponzi-wife hasn't seen her disgraceful husband in six months.
From the rental listing According to a Curbed tipster, a new
Bernard Madoff has given his first behind-bars interview to NY Times
Bernard, Ruth and Mark Madoff Last December, the oldest son of
Former Madoff-aide Annette Bongiorno. The Madoff saga will never, ever, end.
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