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Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said the current plans are anything but cautious, even though cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to fall statewide.
On Monday, Council member Mark Levine, who has been leading the effort to draft legislation for a bailout, said the Congresswoman’s attention to the issue gives the plan “enormous momentum.”
Under Levine's legislation, the unregulated products wouldn't go away, but purveyors of the product would need to ID customers purchasing them.
Speaker Corey Johnson proposes: No new fur in NYC.
Erica Imbasciani was killed on Amsterdam Avenue at West 141st Street, a stretch of road that the Department of Transportation has been attempting to make safer for two years.
The ad-boat is still making frequent voyages around Manhattan, and it's unclear whether any official enforcement action has been taken.
Amid the outrage over hedge fund tycoon Ken Griffin's record-breaking purchase last week of a $238 million penthouse, two members of the City Council have renewed calls for a pied-à-terre tax on luxury homeowners.
Councilman Mark Levine said it would streamline coordination between other city agencies when hate crimes happen.
'Right now it’s a total free-for-all — it’s not regulated, it’s under-priced. Half of all traffic is motorists circling the block incessantly, and permits discourage that and encourage turnover.'
"We are reopening the discussion and exploring options for some limited visits."
Mark Levine wants to end our long citywide nightmare of antiquated food vendor regulations.
A proposed bill would provide attorneys to the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who appear in Housing Court without a legal representation each year.
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