Mario cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo's younger brother doesn't think their late father would be happy about having a bridge named after him, after all.
Governor Cuomo summoned lawmakers back to Albany for a special session this week after they failed to extend mayoral control during the regular session.
He gave voice to liberal values for the Democratic party.
Both Cuomos denied having anything to do with the posters, and Koch forgave them but "We get along, we got along as mayor and governor but I always held it against him. I also held it against this son Andy Cuomo."
Cuomo is mad because Bloomberg was mean to his daddy or something!
"This could be 'Gov. Steamroller again steamrolling on behalf of the yellow cab medallion owners who oppose the bill," one statehouse source said.
In Albany, politicians are getting threatening emails over a "millionaire's tax" that is set to expire. Meanwhile, in Washington, millionaires are in the Senate's crosshairs.
New York's newly minted Semi-First Lady Sandra Lee is, if anything, good
At 10:09 p.m. last night, Andrew Cuomo completed his eight year odyssey
Don't call it withholding, call it inspiring: former Mayor Mario Cuomo spoke
The NY Times has a long feature on the relationship between
Spizer and Cuomo, before Spitzer's downfall and Cuomo's ascendence Eliot Spitzer
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