2,600 members of the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines are expected.
Festivities start in earnest on Wednesday, with the Parade of Ships.
There's a search and rescue demo, and dive demos, too!
The suspect was allegedly carrying a shotgun, ammunition, a laser and a machete with him.
Hello, sailors!
The city will be filled with men in uniform. Hallelujah.
Her backstory keeps getting murkier.
President Obama is seeking to destroy the Marines, the most fearsome, muscled, toughest branch of the military by making them wear little girly French bonnets instead of Man Hats.
Relatives say the gunman was never the same after his mother died five years ago.
After surviving attacks in Iraq together, a Marine is set to be reunited with her beloved war dog, Sergeant Rex. All together now: "awwwww."
A happy photo of a gay Marine proudly kissing his boyfriend has been met with widespread approval on the Internet.
A 29-year-old ex-Marine is suing the city because since 2003 it has refused to acknowledge that he is not a she, no matter what his birth certificate says.
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