Marine park

Eight people were injured this morning after a motorist in Marine Park struck a yellow school bus, officials said.
A 29-year-old cyclist was killed by a driver in Marine Park, Brooklyn on Sunday.
Three firefighters were injured.
Witnesses suspect the car wash employee did not know how to drive.
A man was also injured; one report says that the victims were repeatedly struck.
The driver crashed into the child at around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday evening.
He was reportedly climbing on the facade of his house when he grabbed the planter, which then fell.
He also allegedly told the priest to "go back to the projects."
A truck driver reportedly ran over his coworker as they unloaded Christmas trees in Marine Park last night.
He was allegedly trying to get the city to look the other way on illegal construction at his house.
The suspect scrawled five Swastikas around Marine Park Monday night.
During his arrest, Laina allegedly told cops, "We should work together. I am not the enemy. They are the terrorists. I am a Marine, I was in Iraq, I killed 14 people."
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