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He was reportedly upset about others drinking while in uniform.

Alexander Manning was shot by four teenagers who were trying to rob him.

New Year's Eve celebrating continued into the early hours of Wednesday for one US Marine who led cops on a car and foot chase in Brooklyn.

Well, it has been a good week for gun-toting tourists who don't care to check out reciprocity laws. Minimum sentence? What minimum sentence!

Remember Honey, the adorable pup of a Brooklyn-based Marine who needed a temporary home while her owner is in Afghanistan? She found one, and her foster parents have started a blog with super cute updates.

Eduardo Ortiz, a Brooklyn-based Marine, is leaving New York Thursday before leaving for Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. With his deployment, Eduardo is looking for a NYC-based foster parent for his seven-month old dog, Honey.

Fleet Week is happening! Check out videos of the Coast Guard's Silent Drill in Times Square below, as well as more info about the rest of the weekend's events.

The young Marine who was run over on the West Side Highway early yesterday morning had recently completed a nine-month tour in Afghanistan.

A 22-year-old Marine was killed crossing the West Side Highway early Thursday morning.

An NYPD officer and Marine veteran has teamed up with Senator