Marina abramovic

The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic starts at the Park Avenue Armory this week. Tickets are still on sale.
We recut the Gaga/Abramovic video with "Yakety Sax" for you.
Jay Z points out, "Concerts are pretty much performance art. The venues change."
Marina Abramovic says she was only paid $100,000 for her hugely successful "Artist Is Present" exhibition at MoMA in 2010 (but she could still afford a boob job!).
Trailblazing performance artist Maria Abramovic's latest project may prove to be her most ambitious yet: she's trying to raise $15 million to build a center for performance art in Hudson, New York, to be located in an old theater currently used as tennis courts.
Click on the photos for the scoop on Marina Abramović's dessert art
2010: the year many a New Yorker gazed into the eyes
Last night Marina Abramović and her VIPs gathered at MoMA for a
Josephine Decker preparing to sit with Marina Abramović Decker waiting in
The Marina Abramović retrospective has now officially ended, with all of the
Image from Gawker Well, Marina Abramović's final day of her performance
Marina Abramović's performance art retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art closes
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