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The iconic powder blue and hot pink portrait of Marilyn Monroe becomes one of the world’s most expensive oeuvres.

In the 1950s, Marilyn dished on her eating habits, which included this egg and hot milk breakfast dish.

Photographer, original Mad Man, and documentarian Bert Stern has passed away at the age of 83. Let's look back at some of his work, including this amazing Newport Jazz Fest doc form 1959.

Browse through 262 of the books that were in Marilyn Monroe's expansive collection.

Armed with an 8-mm Kodak camera, he spotted Monroe... she waved, winked and invited him along.

While tracking her from 1955 to 1962, they found her views were "concisely leftist," but they never found proof she was a member of the Communist Party.

"That's my favorite place in the world, so far, that I've seen. I haven't travelled much, but I don't think I'll find anything to replace Brooklyn."