Marijuana decriminalization

The two states are trying to remove these cases that posed barriers to employment and housing.
Emma Goodman, a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society of New York, explains the path for expunging these marijuana convictions.
"Fortunately, there aren't a lot of sticking points."
NY's marijuana decriminalization law went into effect on Wednesday.
Cuomo doesn't want to decriminalize smoking weed in public, though, because that would just be crazy.
Marijuana out of public view has been decriminalized since the late 1970s in New York State.
A Brooklyn teen stopped with a joint on his sixteenth birthday would be given a violation. But if he's arrested the day before, he'd appear before a Family Court judge.
Ken Thompson has renewed his campaign pledge to treat possession of as much as 15 grams of marijuana as a violation instead of a misdemeanor.
Katz was the only Republican to vote in favor of the passage of the marijuana decriminalization bill in the Assembly.
New York City will remain the best place to get arrested for possessing a plant.
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