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Andy Pettitte says Mo was sobbing on his shoulder.

Metallica donned their finest pinstripes and took the stage in Yankee Stadium this afternoon to perform "Enter Sandman" in honor of baseball's greatest closer, Mariano Rivera.

Because it's never too early to start wrangling those Bronx voters, right?

After 18 years pitching in the MLB, the 41-year-old starter announced this season will be his last.

The players stayed in the dugout to give Rivera an ovation, "It almost made me cry, too. I was close. It was amazing—a scene that I will never forget."

Mariano Rivera has also been meeting with fans and employees of opposing teams.

One baseball journalist has a novel idea of how MLB can properly pay tribute: let Mo pitch the first inning of the All-Star game.

Rivera said: "Now is the time. There is nothing left. It has been a journey. I will never stop missing the game, the action, teammates."