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“It’s about celebration and it’s an injection of hope into the community.”

“I think this is real. I mean, $80 million,” Chinatown Councilmember Margaret Chin said.

The president of MOCA said 200 boxes have been recovered from the 85,000-item archives inside fire-ravaged Chinatown building.

The New Fuzhou Supermarket held down the corner of Henry and Rutgers for years.

'We want to fight ageism, and it has to be something that's very very visible. Even a worker who's 20 now, they'd better pay attention, because that could happen to them 20 years later.'

'What I deserve is light and air and a decent place to live.'

The community complained that they were left out of the planning process and said a study that examines the impact on the neighborhood includes too small of an area.

'The community's not going away, they're not going to give up.'

"People can get used to anything, and I think that's what they're counting on."

The interactive site lets you compare the city's 307 bus routes. Spoiler: Your bus is probably very slow.