Marcus samuelsson

The Red Rooster chef will set up shop in a 4,000-square-foot space inside a glassy new waterfront condo building in the historically mom-and-pop neighborhood.
He'll be serving food from his new concept at a donation-based pop-up tonight.
Now tourists don't ever have to leave the airport!
Step inside Ginny's Supper Club, is a deluxe homage to the swinging clubs that were all the rage in the roaring '20s.
Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson apparently thinks Harlem is Amsterdam, or something.
Red Rooster As if glowing reviews in the Times and the
Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson just opened his Harlem eatery Red Rooster
There are a number of restaurants opening in 2008 that we've been
If you're like a third of the people we know right now
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What’s worth watching, food-wise, on TV this week? Tonight on No Reservations
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