The "Walk of Faith" on Saturday was initiated by Black Christian leaders to show solidarity to Asian communities amid ongoing anti-Asian violence.
The March full moon marks the transition from winter to spring, and it has many other names that allude to the seasonal revival of animals.
Maybe a good time to stay indoors?
'I'm still very skeptical there's a need for this type of enforcement, particularly when there's no instance of violence taking place,' City Councilmember Stephen Levin said at a hearing yesterday.
A Q&A with one of the leaders of this weekend's youth-led climate march.
The city has announced a 14-member board that will advise the city's lawmakers on matters pertaining to the nightlife industry.
Around 25,000 turned up at the march and rally, held in protest of Trump's immigration policy and the forcible separation of families seeking asylum in the U.S.
Hundreds of denounced the alt-right and sent a message of solidarity and mourning to the victims of violence in Charlottesville. An elderly woman who had escaped Naziism during the Holocaust was among them.
Police say Caughman's killer admitted his hatred for black men, and intention to kill them.
"Did you miss me?"
Wednesday night's No Ban No Wall rally drew a large crowd.
They will march to the offices of Customs and Border Patrol in Manhattan.
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