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The state’s new process for drawing district lines every 10 years was supposed to take politics out of the process. But for now, it’s stuck in place.

“There is a very big potential that this commission can turn around a very partisan product."

These maps show where and how Adams won, plus how leading candidates saw their votes transfer through eight rounds of tabulation.

You might listen to a man in deep eastern Queens tell a story about his childhood in his native Amuzgo, or read about how 3,000 German refugees speaking Palatine German were stranded on Governors Island in 1710.

The city map "demonstrates via a bright red line how 1908 marked a momentous year for the [IRT] and its expansion of the NYC subway system."

The MTA Live Subway Map seeks to transmute the weekly onslaught of confusing and byzantine service changes into one simple-to-use app.

The MTA has put up six new maps around the 86th Street station in Bay Ridge to show some raw works in progress and get some feedback on the new designs.

'By contrasting weekday and weekend ridership patterns, we detect the city's respiratory system.'