Maple syrup

The climate problem was so detrimental last year that it squeezed the global supply of maple syrup. Unabated, it could even end maple syrup production on this side of the northern border.
Have you ever wanted to read 2,400 words about NYC's 'maple syrup event' of 2005-2009?
We produced more than Maine!
Isn't this how your family always celebrated National Maple Syrup Day?
Maple syrup may seem synonymous with winter and snowy woods, but the season actually starts at in the tail end of winter and runs into the early weeks of spring.
Snowday will employ former inmates ages 16 - 25 in the hopes of decreasing the recidivism cycle.
Party like it's 2005!
Is the air just pre-gaming for tomorrow's National Pancake Day?
Don't worry, New York, maple syrup is nothing to be afraid
We thought Sen. Chuck Schumer was being silly when he suggested
Out of all the International Houses of Pancakes in the nation,
The cost of maple syrup has skyrocketed due to increased demand
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