"People are a great deal bothered when the people they wish to castigate are, in fact, not incongruous at all with their given group."
Even when things get verbally heated between straphangers, they usually don't turn into a prolonged stun gun standoff.
Authorities are searching for a grinning manspreader who allegedly punched a straphanger in the face this week for daring to confront him over the subway etiquette violation.
The man apparently also accused the African-American victim of going on a 'Kanye West rant.'
This woman has no respect for the manspread.
The book examines the body language of men and women through the prism of gender and the subconscious to understand the unequal treatment of women.
Despite many men's insistence that the issue "self-corrects" as trains became busier, the study concluded that "there was no indication that male seated riders were less likely to manspread as adjacent seats filled up."
Lest you think the 'Spread died alongside Jeb Bush's dignity, note that it is in fact alive and well.
A 1970s Japanese campaign featured Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.
The city's favorite dandy is a manspreader.
The man has been charged with misdemeanor assault, harassment and menacing.
"This manspread thing is getting out of control," one woman said of the fight.
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