She was angry at him for not saying "please," according to the boy's father.
A instant-classic British tabloid story has origins in the U.S., right here in our very own Connecticut! Suck it, Florida, we don't need you to get weird anymore.
Click through above to see the latest subway etiquette and manners poster series from Japan.
Some more notes on basic etiquette because clearly SOME of us still need it.
"You know, I tried to be patient with the guy. Every time I tried to answer, he started yelling over me again. Damn, man, I'm governor, could you just shut up for a second?"
Armando Bigo described being hit by a stray bullet: “I was looking at the chips. I just wanted some chips. Someone opened the door and shot me...I don’t think I was brave. I got shot.”
"He was worried about spitting blood on my floor. I kept telling him not to worry about it....It was crazy. This little boy had just been shot and he still remembered his manners."
Is upstreaming to steal a cab okay? The man who just wrote this new book on manners thinks so.
Moore Catholic School blasts music from their football field at seemingly odd hours and high volumes, but neighbors (pagans?) have had enough.
Happy National Etiquette Week... let's try not to piss anyone off for
via Violation Report Subway Etiquette signs are one thing, but what
Police are on the lookout for a Westchester County bank robber
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