The suspect, Steve Stephens, allegedly uploaded footage of the killing to the social media site on Sunday.
Investigators now believe the officers were not the ones being shot at.
Someone tipped them off to his location in Queens.
She had the weapon in her bag.
The prison's superintendent and another top manager have been placed on leave, along with several guards.
Officers executed a manhunt on 47th Street that lasted for several hours.
The body of a middle aged Asian male was found this morning floating in the Hudson River just south of the Bear Mountain Bridge, near Iona Island.
Police were responding to reports that a man who had been in a shootout with NJ police had fled in an unmarked police car over the George Washington Bridge.
The remaining suspect in the deadly Boston marathon bombings was finally caught last night after a two hour stand-off and shootout with police in a backyard in suburban Watertown.
Suspect #2 has been captured alive.
Information about Boston bomb suspects Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzohkhar Tsarnaev has been pouring in all morning, painting a hazy picture of the two Chechnya-born brothers. Here's what we know so far.
"Suspect #1" has been killed, according to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who says there's a "massive manhunt" underway for Suspect #2 continues.
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