Manhattan district attorneys office

The departures in the Bronx represent a larger proportion of the agency's staff compared to district attorney's offices in other boroughs.
The negative ads shocked some survivors of sexual assault. One activist who’s pushing for changes in the sex crimes unit, said Farhadian Weinstein was “using survivors as pawns."
Manhattan DA Cy Vance cut a deal with Dr. Robert Hadden in 2016 that allowed him to avoid jail time despite 19 women accusing him of assault.
One of the victims had said the toughs attacked over an antifascist sticker on his brother's cellphone.
A lawyer for the renters says she bashed one of them in the head with a bottle as her boyfriend yelled racial slurs.
"You are a f---ing immigrant. Go back to your country."
Holder's father refused to address the shooter by name at sentencing, calling him "a beast" instead.
They found him guilty of three misdemeanors and four felonies, carrying maximum sentences that total 11 years in prison.
A grand jury has reportedly heard evidence in the wide-ranging corruption case.
The mayor was also just fined nearly $48,000 for campaign finance violations.
NYPD lawyers are prosecuting low-level summonses to try to head off false arrest lawsuits.
What officials initially thought was an anti-gay hate crime was actually the coda of a bar fight.
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