Manhattan das office

A 43-year-old woman used a stolen identity to obtain a $6k-per-month one-bedroom apartment in SoHo, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office.
Two Queens detectives already facing felony charges for lies and misconduct are once again being sued for allegedly fabricating evidence.
They have been sued several times by people alleging false arrests.
Police arrested him for marijuana possession, but the charges were later dismissed.
"What if the location of a live kidnap victim is in the phone? Are we going to say that's not important?"
This revelation in the death of 29-year-old Mohamed Bah comes from the NYPD's own shooting incident report completed in December of last year, a little more than a month after officers killed Bah, claiming he had lunged at him with a knife.
Twitter unsucessfully argued that the tweets belong to individual users.
A spokesman for the Manhattan DA's office said, "The decision to file charges in this case was made, as in every case, based on the facts and the evidence available."
Occupy Wall Street demonstrators arrested at Duarte Square on December 17, 2011 had their day in court this morning.
Investigators said Alcala "took his time terrorizing his victims" by sexually assaulting them and "choking them with his bare hands, waiting for them to wake up at least once."
"Our savior Jesus Christ would never press charges against his brothers and sisters for walking on land, for steeping into a lot, on soil."
"Unlike bank records, the content that Twitter users create and submit to Twitter are clearly a form of electronic communication that, accordingly, implicates First Amendment protections."
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