Manhattan cocktail classic

The whole Classic may be canceled, too.
The big opening Gala has moved from the New York Public Library to the Loeb Central Park Boathouse.
Sadly, the event has abandoned the NYPL main branch for Cipriani Wall Street—but at least there's still a ton of booze to be had.
More than 25,000 cocktails were poured.
Or just one: all the booze.
Yes, it was nice to dress up, drink cocktails, and shrug off all our cares and worries for a few hours. Very nice.
If you go to one expensive drinks and food event in the city this year...
Among the many (first world) problems of going to massive food and drink festivals is actually remembering what you ate and drank the next morning. Well, remember nevermore!
May Day wasn't just about protests. Because New York contains multitudes, there were a number of other events going on, at least one of which involved drinking decadent fancy cocktails in the Bowery Hotel.
Nobody was injured at the opening night gala of The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, which continues through Tuesday.
Click through on the photos for the scoop on the upcoming "Brooklyn
A scene from last year's classic (natwhat's flickr) The Manhattan Cocktail
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