Manhattan bridge

A police spokesperson said both men had harnesses on and were "switching locations where the harness was attached, there was strong wind, and they fell."
As the night unraveled, the bridge demonstrators, many young New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s, would find themselves tested, searching for leadership within a leaderless protest.
On Monday, Streetsblog reporter Julianne Cuba came upon three cops ticketing cyclists at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge.
Two out of four balls have been successfully transplanted onto the East River crossway.
Two of the globes were removed at sunset over the weekend, and will replaced with replicas.
A cocktail of unplanned subway dysfunction and and unannounced bridge closures brought heightened chaos to much of the city.
The 'intersection of grit and glamour' is both everywhere and nowhere at all.
Two women in their mid-30s and one woman in her mid-20s have been taken into custody at the 5th Precinct stationhouse.
A Brooklyn man was pronounced dead after falling from his bike while riding over the Manhattan Bridge on Sunday afternoon.
Perhaps they can also receive new names? Ms. Brooklyn and Ms. Manhattan?
Get on your bikes and ride.
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