Mandarin duck

A new photo shows a Mandarin Duck in a woodland setting upstate.
Where did Mandarin Patinkin go, and when is he coming back? We try to piece it together.
'Every duck leaves, baby, that's a fact, but maybe every duck that leaves, someday comes back.'
The Hot Duck will become the Ugly Hot Duck and we'll still love him.
The Freewheelin' Mandarin Patinkin went to Brooklyn.
Go on a Mandarin duck tour in 3 of the 5 boroughs.
Why doesn't anyone care about Brooklyn's Mandarin ducks?
Meet the Mandarin Dog, as she meets the Mandarin Duck.
'Seeing the birds is like touching the hand of God,' one duck devotee insists.
We received video shot in October that shows the Mandarin duck in the Hudson River.
Where has the duck been spending his lost weekends? Not in New York...
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