That's less than you'll pay for a studio in Brooklyn.
Several revelations in recent weeks raised questions about his competence and integrity.
Rockport, MA, Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME make for a sweet 6-7 hour sojourn from New York.
A trip up there requires a car, but once you're there, rocky beaches, romantic lodging and lobster rolls await, and all that's well worth an 8 to 10 hour drive, provided you have a Joni Mitchell CD on hand.
The plane was registered to Richard Rockefeller of Maine.
Indeed, until the mid 1800s or so, lobster was considered too plentiful and bland to be edible for discerning tastes.
The mild winter has caused a big boom in the lobster population up in Maine, and while that's good for customers in restaurants charging market price, it's really hurting the state's lobstermen.
The lobster catches in Maine have been amazing the past few years, but some scientists worry this could all end very badly.
Enjoying weekends are so much harder for President Obama: His weekend family
On Sunday, an Upper East Side father and daughter were swept
Photograph of Barack Obama at a rally in Virginia Beach by
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