The War Is On.
A Queens mailman admitted in court this week to stealing $20K worth of packages on his route over the last two years.
This week's question comes from a Bed-Stuy resident who's really tempted to just throw out his old roommates' mail.
He was stopped by Good Samaritans.
Officials found he had stashed 40,000 pieces of mail.
If the mail takes longer than a week to show up, it's a safe bet your mailman has just tossed it in the trash. But not always! Sometimes you just have to wait 45 years.
The FBI questioned a Texas Army veteran last night in connection with the ricin letter mailed to Mayor Bloomberg.
As the USPS announced they'll be ending Saturday delivery, let's look back at the agency's glory days.
The USPS may be in trouble financially but that doesn't mean that there aren't some really awesome post men and women out there.
To call the United States Postal Service cash-strapped is something of an understatement. But as it races towards obsolescence an interesting new money source has bubbled to the surface: booze.
Ever wanted a letter from Dave Eggers or Jonathan Ames? There's a project for you.
The USPS is going to go bankrupt, unless it gets some help.
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