Magnetic fields

"You have buried power lines that carry very high currents, which generate magnetic fields. Every time [the trains] stop and start, they’re changing their current."
This Thursday, The Natural History Museum is hosting a one-night-only live group video game, starring The Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt.
Click through for more on Magnetic Fields, this year's ATP Festival in
Magnetic Fields Attract Crowds to Town Hall No "Lost" spoilers in this
Bryan Bruchman, of New York band Man in Gray, and his girlfriend
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Sweet-voiced singer/songwriter and longtime Boston-based busker Mary Lou Lord has been playing
You're probably all saying, "Why go out after Gothamist's Movable Hype show
[Ed.: If it's Wednesday, then it means we get Coolfer to tell
Yesterday, sun shot a flare towards Earth. According to, the flare
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