What kind of ads were really running in 1970? A look inside one of the magazines spotted in the Mad Men offices.
Robert Cohen, whose Hudson News chain changed the way many Americans bought magazines, died last week.
Trustocorp have been developing quite the reputation with their public art projects, and the group has spread fake gossip rags around books stores and newsstands in Manhattan and Williamsburg for their latest "intervention."
Since Mayor Bloomberg was busy preparing for a mayoral debate and
Bon Appétit , in an attempt to appeal to a broader, younger,
The story had all the makings of a Hollywood romantic comedy from
Author, critic and journalist Steven Heller started out as someone who, in
A note to people who read the "Class Notes" section of their
We're not that in to girlie glossies, but after Sassy folded we
A former client services associate at the Melville, Long Island branch of
Forbes has put out their list of the Top 100 Most Powerful
At this moment, the first five issues of Amy Fusselman's Zine Bunny
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