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Jane Pratt's in-house Sassy magazine band wrote this anti-street harassment anthem in the early 1990s.

In 1980, Apartment Life magazine ran a huge spread on Robin Williams's apartment.

Congrats Kate Upton, Vogue UK's editor doesn't think you're "a heffalump."

Mick Jagger to Jann Wenner: "In return for my consent to allow you to register the name 'Rolling Stone' what do you offer as far as cover stories?"

There is now a Fifty Shades magazine, but you know that old saying: "Reading about porn is like dancing about architecture."

We got our hands on the September 1976 issue of Apartment Life magazine... which has some tips you can still use today.

[Ed. note: Harlem, SoHo, and Williamsburg are neighborhoods, not boroughs.]

Why make customers pay once for one issue, when you could sneakily charge them TWO TIMES for one issue?

Do you have six dimes? Then you can get the new vintage-look Playboy at the newstand!

Or rather, with more natural looking makeup!