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Anthony Comello has been charged with murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon for the fatal shooting of reputed mob boss Frank Cali.

It doesn't seem like the killing is related to the mob—it was possibly related to the suspect wanting to date the crime family boss's niece.

Cali was considered a "unifying" force in the Gambino crime family.

A Brooklyn man believed to be a high-ranking member of the Bloods has been arrested in connection with an elaborate murder-for-hire scheme.

The video shows the gunman chasing him while he's on the ground, trying to roll away.

Carini is the son of a well known mobster, also named Carmine, who spent decades in prison for his role in a 1983 murder.

Listed crimes also included murder-for-hire conspiracy, plotting robberies, running illegal gambling parlors, and selling narcotics.

The defendants, including an alleged mob boss, are accused of murder conspiracy, drug dealing, fraud, loansharking, sports betting, and more.

The acting captain beat someone who owed him money until he soiled himself, the feds allege.