Mad magazine

RIP-ish Mad Magazine.
"I don't want to work for Uber. I don't want to be a Walmart greeter. I would take this job above all of that. Of course as I like to point out, we are doing God's work."
"One thing I can say is it's been the most pleasurable vocation that I could ever imagine having."
The magazine, which first set up shop on MADison Avenue, will soon get its tale told through a Kickstarter-funded documentary.
The new Apple Maps is glitchy, to say the least, and now Mad magazine has applied it to this famous New Yorker cover.
Take a look back at MAD magazine's glory days on Madison Avenue!
Courtesy The squiggly self portrait that doubles as Al Jaffee's
The NY Sun reports on a 4-page parody ad for "Sucker City"
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