"I've wanted to come to the Thanksgiving Day Parade ever since I saw that movie Spider-Man."
The department store has asked for a restraining order prohibiting a real estate company from leasing the 2,200-square foot billboard from the online behemoth.
After things were radically pared down last year, the parade is planning on coming back with all the giant balloons, overpacked crowds, awkward musical performances, and random celebrity sightings New Yorkers have come to expect.
The skyscraper could be 700 to 950 feet tall.
"The fact we were able to stand on the Rockettes mat and be able to do a little kick line was probably the coolest thing that ever happened."
But there will be balloons... just ones rigged to vehicles.
The retailer is hoping to squeeze all it can from its real estate.
Macy's promised the biggest July 4th fireworks show in years, and they delivered.
Here's a map of the new best fireworks viewing locations.
The struggling department store wants to 'activate' its upper levels.
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