A man believed to be carrying a machete and a cane is on the run in Midtown, Manhattan, after allegedly stealing juice from a nearby Starbucks.
Kevin Alvarez, one of two people who dragged the teenager onto the sidewalk, is expected to testify in an upcoming trial.
Police are searching for a suspect who allegedly slashed another man in the face with a machete near Union Square on Friday.
The victim died after running—and bleeding from multiple wounds—to St. Barnabas Hospital.
The stabbing was the first of two violent incidents in the area.
Six people were slashed in two separate incidents this weekend—including three people who were slashed by a machete-wielding man in Queens.
The woman was in the hallway outside her apartment when a neighbor's son suddenly attacked her.
"It was crazy to wake up to that."
His legs were reportedly amputated above the knee.
In the midst of the argument about who had the right of way, Estevez allegedly took out a machete, leaned out the window of his car, and started hacking at the other car.
"He had a machete, was going to try to use it, but you can't beat anybody with a machete when they got a 9 millimeter."
The video shows the suspect holding an umbrella, which apparently concealed the machete.
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