M train

Passengers reported being stuck for close to an hour, with very little information coming from conductors on-board or the MTA online about what was happening.
We were so close to getting through this week without a massive subway close, and yet so far.
Is this the MTA giving New Yorkers an implicit signal that dogs belong on the subway? I and my stoic mosaic friends choose to believe.
The two alternative lines expected to absorb the brunt of erstwhile L train riders are doing very little to inspire confidence.
Authorities are searching for a grinning manspreader who allegedly punched a straphanger in the face this week for daring to confront him over the subway etiquette violation.
The man then allegedly told the child he was going to 'get' him, then followed the boy around the station as he tried to escape.
This is something you don't stumble upon everyday as you piledriver your way to work to chokeslam your coworkers.
This happened at the Grand Ave-Newtown station.
A woman was fatally struck by an M train at the Elmhurst station Queens this morning, according to police and the FDNY.
It all goes down on May 5th...
On Ditmars Street and Myrtle Avenue near the Myrtle J/M/Z.
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