Luxury condos

According to an engineering analysis commissioned by Landmark West, less than 22 percent of the void designed for the condo project 50 West 66th Street is actually occupied by mechanical equipment.
A spokesperson for Governor Cuomo said the change 'came down to legislative intent.'
A Streeteasy study says that one in four new luxury condos built over the last six years are unsold.
The Department of Buildings says the tower has added a controversial 'mechanical void' design feature that violates zoning and raises safety concerns.
We were able to take a tour of what is arguably the handsomist glass box on the Lower East Side.
But this isn't necessarily good news for you and me.
That would be nearly 75% of the hotel.
"As far as I know, we are the first to offer an amenity like this on this scale."
Take a tour of Williamsburg's newest luxury rental building.
Earlier there was news of a luxury condo leveling a church and
As we all learned from the 1982 film Poltergeist, it is never
Since New York developers love to put on a happy face while
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