Lung cancer

A federal ban on tobacco could avert 633,000 deaths, a third among African Americans. Critics say it could increase policing in communities of color.
Research found that those who eat a diet with a high glycemic index may be as much as twice more likely to suffer from lung cancer than those who don't.
Carr was a survivor of Hodgkin's lymphoma.
This tumor growing on a cigarette might actually be too tame for NYC.
Did toxic dust from 9/11 kill Donna Summer? Or was it her smoking?
Asians will give each other cigarettes for holidays, says one NYU med school professor who has studied Asian smoking.
The act is the last straw for smokers and the city's civil libertarians, and in a way portrays those who are sitting outside near those who are using a legal product as overly helpless.
TV on the Radio; Gerard Smith is second from right Sad
Gerard Smith (second from right) with TV On The Radio Recently,
Camel promo with hipster Joe Camel added The Camel advertising team
Photo of Paul Newman and Martha Stewart at a recent benefit for
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