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Where to eat when you're stuck inside of Midtown with the munchy blues again.

After the hustle of getting to work on time and tackling the morning inbox, the first thing most of us start thinking about is that beautiful midday reprise called lunch.

From grab-and-go dumpling spots to places to Power Lunch, here are your best bets for lunch at every price point in FiDi.

This is exactly how we want to picture Jerry and Larry in real life: shooting the shit about intentional mumbling and pretzel etiquette in some random NYC joint.

A theatrical rep who works in Chelsea found an unexpected topping in her lunchtime salad from Guy & Gallard Tuesday.

The NYPL's new exhibit covers everything the first public school lunch programs (started here!), automats (including an actual one!), power lunches (coined here!), pastrami (basically invented here!), and of course, food carts (perfected here!).

The NYPL's upcoming exhibition Lunch Hour NYC> won't open to the public until June 22—but it already has taught us things we didn't know and whetted our appetite.