Lunar eclipse

The eclipse will begin at 9:32 p.m. in our area with the Earth’s shadow slowly inching across the surface of May’s flower moon. But viewers may not notice until it becomes a partial eclipse about an hour later.
It was actually a combination Frost Moon-Beaver Moon-Partial Lunar Eclipse with a reddish-brown Blood Moon glow to it, if we're being exact.
Consider this a Fully Frosted Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse With A (Partial) Blood Moon Glow.
When a lunar perigee meets a lunar eclipse.
The eclipse will be most visible after 4 a.m. EDT tomorrow and will continue through sunrise.
Photos of everyone but New Yorkers enjoying the awesome Blood Moon.
Don't plan on sleeping much Monday night.
Look outside: see a lunar eclipse? No? That's because you can only see it in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia...and on the web. Watch the event below!
The lunar eclipse last night was a sight for bored eyes in
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Tonight is the last chance until December 2010 to witness a total
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