The passenger was coming in from Jamaica.
The ring was arranged through Terminals 4 and 7, meaning travelers departing and arriving from such moneyed locations as Japan, Hawaii, Johannesburg, London, Bangkok, Dubai, Milan were the primary targets.
Ever wonder where you bag goes when you check it at an airport? Wonder no more.
Foreign drug traffickers are planting bricks of cocaine in random suitcases, turning international travelers into unwitting drug mules.
Keep an eye on your bag: larcenies are up at JFK airport, with fancy electronic doo-dads at the top of criminal's wish-lists.
A Georgia man wound up missing his flight home last week
Isn't is nice how airlines continue to come up with new ways
Full body scanners, we hardly knew you. An Obama administration official
Would you look at that—NYC Transit will be rolling out (in
Not so shocking: Queens DA Richard Brown said that a TSA
After Miguel Olaya's wife lost her battle to pelvic cancer on March
Photo courtesy Mike Xinnachs / WCBS 880; image artwork by mattmolnar. Today's
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