Lower manhattan

The long-awaited first Alamo Drafthouse location in Manhattan is finally opening next week in the Financial District.
If ultimately approved by the City Council, the 25-story building will bring affordable housing to the neighborhood and provide some unspecified financial support for the Seaport museum.
A bill to prohibit non-essential helicopter flights over NYC will be re-introduced in Congress on Monday.
The incident comes amid a string of violent attacks on Asian American New Yorkers that have concerned communities and public officials.
The next development battle in Lower Manhattan.
Protesters brought furniture into the street in Lower Manhattan to simulate an eviction.
Another day, another five minutes of legal fireworks...
The area is looking for its own influencer, or "explorer in chief," as they are calling it.
It would be an understatement to say that Lower Manhattan has undergone radical change over the last hundred years.
Yuh-Line Niou is fighting for her political life in Manhattan's 65th District, where she is up against Grace Lee, a local businesswoman and activist.
"I've seen the neighborhood change since beatniks roamed the Earth."
According to Arthur Piccolo, the chairman of the Bowling Green Association who has served as a steward for the work, the artist is against the city's plan.
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