Love triangle

His ex-girlfriend survived.
The naked man who was found dead in the lobby of a Starrett City apartment building earlier this week was apparently one side of an ill-fated love triangle.
Dearden has been reassigned at the NYPD, where she would previously screen new recruits.
The husband of an NYPD-affiliated psychologist has accused his wife of attempting to murder him, execution-style, with an antique derringer, in order to clear the path to run off with her Texas-based lover.
A man who tried to stop his girlfriend's unhinged ex-boyfriend from stabbing her and her kids in her Midwood apartment Monday night died from an NYPD gunshot wound.
NJ residents expressed surprise that she and one of the Boston bombing suspects' widow lived near them.
It seems this was a love triangle gone wrong.
Curtis Sliwa's current wife is Melinda Katz, the former Council member running for Queens Borough President.
As Neil Sedaka once noted, breaking up is hard to do; but what he left out is that having your ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend call in a bomb hoax against you is EVEN HARDER.
It seems Jeremy Lin has been listening to former 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell: "My advice to Lin: Beware the power of the coochie."
4chan asked users to bombard a Facebook tribute page with rude messages.
New details emerge in the shocking killing of a Pakistani woman on a suburban NJ street.
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