Pop-up dinners galore!
"The final deal was such that suddenly we had only five days to vacate the space."
Both restaurants announced their imminent closures today.
Eat pasta, feast on oysters, indulge in chocolate and more this week.
Watch men tackle each other for money while wolfing down chicken wings.
Stay tuned for more weekly foodstuffs in 2015!
Drink cider, eat horror-themed foods and watch a scary movie this week.
Eat cheese, celebrate coffee, indulge in sea urchin and more this week.
Eat Basque food, drink whiskey sours and more this week.
Eat free burgers, save the ocean, consume fried chicken and more this week.
Fight fast food culture, meet with famed French chefs, fill up on lobster and more this week.
From fussy chef dinners to casual seafood supper clubs, there's something for many a fish lover.
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