"Nate is going to be racing northeastward," according to AccuWeather meteorologist Eric Leister.
People who live in Jersey City are happier than people who live in NYC, and they have to take the PATH train.
It's hard to say exactly when Isaac will make landfall, but Republicans are worried it will upstage NJ Governor Chris Christie, who is the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention tonight.
Show your love for Louisiana—or at least its seafood—at this celebration of shrimp.
As you have definitely heard by now, 100,000 dead fish went
More uplifting news from the Gulf: the brown pelican, which was taken
BP has announced that "Top Kill," their attempt at plugging the Gulf
According to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, BP recruited workers for the
Kevin Costner and a group of scientists, including Costner's brother Dan, demonstrated
The oil slick seen on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico
Now that President Obama has already blamed oil company British Petroleum for
The attempt to curtail the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
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