All you need is a dollar and a scheme.
"When you're gambling, there are only two things—you win or you lose. If you don't want to lose the money, don't play," the owner of the shop said.
We've finally figured out why the holder of a winning lottery ticket has failed to cash in on his $7 million prize: He has lines for arms and is made of black ink.
Have you checked your lotto tickets lately?
The jerk who bought a winning Lottery ticket for a group of fellow Portuguese immigrant co-workers and then kept the money for himself has had his day in court. And it didn't go so well.
After years of playing the same numbers, Bronx stay-at-home mom Gina Ruisi tried playing her kid's and dad's birthdays and won $9.5 million.
Winner Mike Barth, who received $19 million along with his six colleagues, made everyone pay up at a recent meal with coworkers, and "used a calculator to figure out the tip."
Sure, Jesus wanted this Long Island family to win the lottery. Sure.
Though you may like to believe that playing the lottery will
A shifty Queens deli clerk attempted to cash in on an
A sneaky guy known only as the "rubber band bandit" is
Dispersing two winning lotto tickets in eight weeks is pretty good
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