Ohio has recorded a 53% week-over-week increase in vaccinations after Governor Mike DeWine announced a similar lottery.
The lottery runs until August 31st.
Eat your Mega Millions feelings, enjoy a free slice of mediocre cheese pizza.
The man is worried people will come after him.
All you need is a dollar and a scheme.
As of today, you can now enter the lottery to win tickets to the 43rd season of the comedy institution
Next season's tickets aren't up for grabs yet, but you can enter the lottery for this summer's Weekend Update specials.
If you'd like to see Kate McKinnon make all her costars break firsthand, you better move fast.
He first won in 2012.
Once he realized the ticket was worth some major cash, he allegedly lied to his friend and told him it was worthless.
Hey, there's a winning Powerball ticket running around!
Plus some other Powerball strategies from the Internet, which is always There For You when cold, hard cash is on the line.
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