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Seeing the movie 'always' being on TBS made Fey realize it still had staying power.

Michaels wanted him to cut his monologue down to seven minutes. C.K. didn't appreciate that.

The Daily News reports today that at least three women have been offered callbacks for the spot: Sasheer Zamata, Natasha Rothwel, and Kerry Coddett.

"All told we’ve seen about 25 people," Lorne Michaels told the Times. "A lot of the people we saw are really good. Hopefully we’ll come out of the process well."

Saturday Night Live returns tonight for its 38th season, with host Seth MacFarlane and musical guest Frank Ocean. Here are our top five things to watch out for tonight.

Last night the Yankees kept their winning ways going up in The

Daily Intel reports that spies spotted former Senate aspirant Caroline Kennedy

If Michael Phelps is feeling exhausted from his week preparing to host

Has a Jimmy Fallon-hosted Late Night reality sunk in yet? Well, it's

In the past year there have been murmurings of Jimmy Fallon taking