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Recent graduate Cali Greenbaum says Lisa Mars clearly didn't understand the school's mission "to help kids who are talented in the arts thrive academically as well."

An investigation by WNYC has found substantial levels of lead contamination from deteriorating paint inside four public elementary schools operated by the New York City Department of Education.

For eight years, the Republican-controlled State Senate was Cuomo's salvation.

The heated race has been marked by a prominent sprint to the left by almost every candidate, in the wake of progressive prosecutors’ impressive run of victories nationwide.

'Nobody can tell me the city of New York can't be doing better by these animals.'

'CSX gave their word,' said city councilmember Councilman Andrew Cohen. 'Their conduct is really, really shameful... The city is willing to pay.'

If federal housing vouchers fall short, advocates warn, it's unclear how NYC will make up the difference and keep NYCHA in good repair while maintaining affordability for low-income families.

Low staffing levels means that many prisoners have faced two-person panels and received split decisions, forcing them to plead their case again within a matter of weeks.

The bikeway was just a few months old when elected officials, at the behest of business owners who preferred the previous design, called on the city to rip it out.

'It shouldn’t take a protest or anything to do what it is so logical. This shouldn’t be controversial at all.'