Long island sound

There are twelve artificial reefs in the area—two in the Long Island Sound, two in Great South Bay, and eight in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Long Island.
All five patients were hospitalized, Connecticut health officials said.
'When we arrived on scene, a man was screaming that his wife was underwater and never made it out when the other passengers escaped.'
His friend managed to swim to an island and spent the night there.
An 8-year-old girl and her mother were rescued.
"I just want him to show up," the young man's distraught mother said. "I don’t care how... He’s my only son."
The plane lost engine power and crashed into the icy water late Saturday night.
This season brought in a record-low lobster haul.
A friend said he had built this plane.
A small aircraft was found eight miles north of the Mattituck Inlet.
We've been warned that Sandy won't be the last "freak" storm to rock New York, and officials have begun to mull over a few ways to protect us from more Day After Tomorrow-esque destruction.
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