Long island expressway

The highway officer, Anastasio Tsakos, had been diverting traffic on the L.I.E. during a different investigation.
Just invest in rain boots, goggles, and typhus shots.
Police think there were two collisions.
The driver, who was headed to a water park to celebrate his son's birthday, may have been going 100 mph.
An SUV going east went airborne and then collided into westbound lanes, hitting two other cars.
The lieutenant hit a car with his vehicle, causing a chain reaction of collisions that struck the victim and sent her tumbling over the overpass and 30 feet onto the ground.
In one crash, police say a man tried to run across the Long Island Expressway.
The man was driving a 2014 Mercedes when he jumped out of the moving car in the middle of the Grand Central Parkway and walked to his death.
Authorities say the driver lost control and the car flipped over a guardrail.
Police believe the driver struck the median, then the SUV traveled across three lanes of traffic and overturned.
The cop's truck had stopped in the right lane and then it was rear-ended by a box truck.
Cuomo explained why he didn't shut down roads, "We wanted to give people an opportunity to get home."
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